Sunday, March 24, 2019
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MultiCulture Day - Album 4 of 4 (Nov. 2013)

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华 夏 中 文 学 校 南 部 分 校 欢 迎 您

Upcoming Events
  • 03/30/2019 School is closed
  • 04/06/2019 School is in Session 正常学校日
    Debate Contest 南部辩论比赛
  • 04/13/2019 School is in Session 正常学校日

    Latest News & Announcements
  • 02/23/2019 华夏辩论赛 Debate Competition
    今年的华夏总校南区辩论赛将于5月4日在南部分校举行。欢迎 4-9年级同学报名。 从2月23号起,每周第三节课在A103教室培训。详情请与廖山漫老师或者本班中文老师联系。 辩论主题:
    A. 4-6年级: 应该限制孩子每天的手机使用时间 VS 不限制手机使用时间
    B. 7-9年级: 华裔选中文做外语利大于弊 VS 弊大于利
    2019 Huaxia Southern District Debate Competition will be held on May 4th at Huaxia South. All 4-9 grade students are welcome to join. The training will be held every week at 3:30PM at classroom A103, starting from February 23rd. For details, please contact Ms. Shanman Liao
  • 02/16/2019 教师招聘 Teacher Recruitment
    南部分校常年招募中文老师和文化老师,特别是有双语教学经验和能力的老师。学校提供多种形式的培训与福利,欢迎热爱中文教育,有责任心,有爱心的人士加盟!有意者请发简历到 ,并与教务长龚蝉(中文老师)或者副校长汤海缨(文化老师)联系。 Huaxia South recruits Chinese teachers and cultural teachers all year round, especially teachers with bilingual teaching experience. The school offers a variety of training and benefits. If you are interested, please send resumes to
  • 02/02/2019 Photo Albums for 2019 Hua Xia Chinese New Year Performance & Celebration
    The following Photo Albums are provided and shared by our school photographers, as a courtesy to our school members. You are welcomed to view them via the following link. Thanks XiaoFeng and Jeff!
    华夏南部中文学校2019年中国春节联欢会 by XiaoFeng Lin(02/02/2019)
    2019 HuaXia Chinese New Year Celebration by Jeff Wang(02/02/2019)
  • 01/12/2019 春节表演与聚餐 Chinese New Year Celebration
    春节庆祝活动定于2月2日举行,大致安排是2:20-4:30 在礼堂文艺表演,5:00-6:30 在餐厅聚餐,6:00 以后有魔术师表演,抽奖,灯谜,小游戏等活动。从本周六开始,可以在 PTA 桌购买本次活动的餐票:成人$10,儿童$5。除非天气原因活动改期,将不予退票。 如有疑问,请与家长会会长赵昀联系。
    Chinese New Year Celebration is scheduled for Saturday, Feb 2nd 2019, 2:00 -8:00PM at the Marlboro High School。The day will begin with cultural performances around 2:20PM at auditorium. Then dinner will held at cafeteria around 5:00PM followed by fun activities, including magician show, Chinese riddles and sweepstakes. The dinner tickets will be sold on PTA desk this Saturday, $10 for adult and $5 for children. Those tickets are non-refundable unless the celebration was canceled or changed to another day due to inclement weather.
  • 01/05/2019 迎新春壁画展 Chinese New Year Poster Exhibition
    The annual poster exhibition held at the same time as the Chinese New Year celebration has been widely welcomed by parents and students. The theme of this year is: auspicious year of the pig, happy flying. Dean Jie Wang has prepared the paper and will be distributed to the students two weeks later. Please encourage and help your kids to come up with great works.

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