Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Chinese New Year Party - Album 3 of 4 (Feb. 2014)

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华夏中文学校南部分校乒乓球俱乐部成立于2011年。现有乒乓球桌两张,每星期六在Marlboro 高中活动。欢迎大家参加。

联系人: 马晓强
联系方式: maxq8888@yahoo.com

Do you want to be smart and build your critical thinking skills? If your answer is “yes”, then Go (WeiQi-围棋) club is right for you. “Go is the most modern of ancient board games -- simple enough for a child; too challenging for a computer; a gateway for learning, and a model for parallel thinking” (American Go Foundation Website).

Hi, I am Victor, a 3 Dan Go player. I have enjoyed playing Go in Feng Yun (丰云) Go school for many years. I taught a Go class in this school last year.

I will teach you basic Go play skills through playing with you. Over time, you will learn how to play strategically and think logically. We will have tournaments in class, everyone will get prize, and the winner will be rewarded.

Join us at classroom A111 during the 3rd class, between 11:30 to 12:30.

联系人: Victor
联系方式: victork1998@yahoo.com

以多姿多彩的姿态展现女性美,弘扬中华文化,服务社区。 艺术指导: 马咏。

联系人: 秦颖, 冯燕杰
联系方式: (732)895-7858, (908)216-3012
俱乐部成员: 宋鲁玲,秦颖,冯燕杰, 吴晓萍, 林颖,彭昕, 徐蓉,荆红,柴萱

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