Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Graduation 2013 - Album 3 of 4 (June 2013)

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请阅读并遵守"家長值班守则"!     阅读家長值班守则,请点击这里

The assignment is subject to change. The assigned 'backups' are tentative and could be moved onto future dates.
Please check again for the latest update.
Duty DateFatherMotherDuty StatusNote
01/26/2019陳爾平 Alexander Chin柴萱 Xuan ChaiAssigned  
01/26/2019 Nav Dugal郑秀莉 Estee DugalAssigned  
01/26/2019 Feng Zhang Assigned  
01/26/2019刘璞 Pu Liu石钺钺 Assigned  
01/26/2019 Dongyu LinAssigned  
01/26/2019 Hong Shi Songxue ZhangAssigned  
01/26/2019陈恒辉 daniel chen陈炎倩 cindy chenAssigned  
01/26/2019 Leon Liu Yue MaAssigned  
02/02/2019成勤和 Qinhe Cheng陈迎迎 Yingying ChenAssigned  
02/02/2019 Hua Lin Jane HeAssigned  
02/02/2019陈宁 ning chen董红雨 kitty dongAssigned  
02/02/2019汪远 Yuan Wang侯珺 Jun HouAssigned  
02/02/2019刘用斌 Yung ping Lau倪秀玲 Yi mei NiAssigned  
02/02/2019陈立新 Li Xin Chen Yu LinAssigned  
02/02/2019刘亚峰 Forrest Liu杨辉 Hui YangAssigned  
02/02/2019 James Huang Lin YangAssigned  
02/02/2019 none kitty cheungAssigned  
02/02/2019 Scott Johnston Patricia JohnstonAssigned  
02/02/2019张国栋 Guodong Zhang陈立 Li ChenAssigned  
02/02/2019王炜平 Weiping Wang王高慧芳 Huifang WangAssigned  
02/02/2019杨厚佑 Jimmy Yang邵丽娇 Isabella ShaoAssigned  
02/02/2019钮佳明 Jason Niu周春 Stacy ZhouAssigned  
02/16/2019黄朝辉 Zhaohui Huang王莉萍 Liping WangAssigned  
02/16/2019 Ming GuAssigned  
02/16/2019 Richard Daniels Lidia DanielsAssigned  
02/16/2019吳頌群 Barry Wu盧歡 Cathy LuAssigned  
02/16/2019 Jiangang Peng Meng WenAssigned  
02/16/2019林荣毅 Rongyi Lin马淑芬 Shufen MaAssigned  
02/16/2019葛晔 Ye Ge卢敏 Min LuAssigned  
02/16/2019陶冶 Ye Tao万梦曦 Mengxi WanAssigned  
02/23/2019哈文玮 WenWei Ha唐岳 Yue TangAssigned  
02/23/2019陈辉 Fai Chan陈爱红 Oihung ChanAssigned  
02/23/2019沈红卫 HongWei Shen杨迎 Ying YangAssigned  
02/23/2019郭光 Guang Guo王晓峰 Xiaofeng WangAssigned  
02/23/2019 Won Lee陈碧瑜 Peggy ChanAssigned  
02/23/2019吴益跃 Yiyue Wu黄雪 Xue HuangAssigned  
02/23/2019邵亨康 Heng kang Shao杨梅 Mei YangAssigned  
02/23/2019 Xiaozhao Chen潘明其 Mingfang PanAssigned  
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