Monday, December 18, 2017
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MultiCulture Day - Album 2 of 4 (Nov. 2013)

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请阅读并遵守"家長值班守则"!     阅读家長值班守则,请点击这里

The assignment is subject to change. The assigned 'backups' are tentative and could be moved onto future dates.
Please check again for the latest update.
Duty DateFatherMotherDuty StatusNote
01/06/2018 Hang Li李苗 Miao LiAssigned  
01/06/2018 ming teng zhangMinLi Min LiAssigned  
01/06/2018魏进 Jin Wei许康 Kay XuReassigned 
01/06/2018 wen hau ma zan panAssigned  
01/06/2018 Edward Lutz Chin LutzAssigned  
01/06/2018YouJun John Yiu Thic LengAssigned  
01/06/2018刘树 Shulan Liu徐琰 Yan XuAssigned  
01/06/2018苏绍文 Shaowen Su滕伟丽 Weili TengAssigned  
01/13/2018哈文玮 WenWei Ha唐岳 Yue TangAssigned  
01/13/2018林旦人 Danren Lin曾文玲 Wen L ZengAssigned  
01/13/2018 Vincent Yue Nancy ChengAssigned  
01/13/2018 xiao Liu Pingfei ChenAssigned  
01/13/2018于雷 Lei yu齐媛 Yuan QiAssigned  
01/13/2018 John Wray Chiew Hui KawReassigned 
01/13/2018吴益跃 Yiyue Wu黄雪 Xue HuangAssigned  
01/13/2018万钧 Jun Wan邓为玲 Weiling DengAssigned  
01/20/2018 yong huang fang linAssigned  
01/20/2018袁旭东 Xudong Yuan于翠 Cui YuAssigned  
01/20/2018郭志强 Zhiqiang Guo张晔 sarah ZhangAssigned  
01/20/2018 Yi Zhao Tracy GaoAssigned  
01/20/2018 DUSTIN LI YUPING SHENAssigned  
01/20/2018林剑航 Jason Lin林燕云 Yan Yun LinAssigned  
01/20/2018陈亮 Liang Chen姜琴 Qin JiangAssigned  
01/27/2018张裕源 Yuyuan Zhang荣军 Jun RongAssigned  
01/27/2018蔡健 Jian Cai谢丽华 LiHua XieAssigned  
01/27/2018章小兵 Xiaobing Zhang李一武 Yiwu LiAssigned  
01/27/2018张志军 Zhijun Zhang尹蓁 Zhen YinAssigned  
01/27/2018汪远 Yuan Wang侯珺 Jun HouAssigned  
01/27/2018 FENG CAI ZHANG SAI HUA CHENAssigned  
01/27/2018宋湘 Xiang Song奚波 Bo XiAssigned  
01/27/2018朱伯华 Bohua Zhu吴艳峰 Carol WuAssigned  
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